an open-source wallpaper app for Android


Hi-res wallpapers

Amazing high resolution wallpapers, without compression and each individually selected.


Intuitive interface

Panorama, using the Frames Dashboard, is fast and beautiful.
Author, camera model, and the used colors: they are all displayed.
Dark and AMOLED mode available.

Source code on GitHub


Yes. You can download the free apk file on GitHub (under the releases tab).
If you want to download Panorama in the Google Play Store or XDA Labs , you have to pay €0,99 (around $1,10).
The Google Play and XDA Labs version is the same as the version under the Releases tab on GitHub.
That does not mean I earn money from this app. I have to pay for webhosting, and a Google Play registration also costs $25.

No. But Google may do.

No. Panorama does not require Google Play Services.

People want fast loading times. If I let everyone load the full wallpaper in the preview, it would take too long to load the wallpaper.
If you want the full quality, even when you are searching (like I), then you should tap at the three dots in top of your screen. Now select Settings > Full resolution previews and switch on.
Now your previews are the same quality as the wallpaper if you download them.

I need your help

Donations are very welcome

Even a small contribution would be fantastic!
Donating is very easy. The easiest way is to use

You can als download one of the Android apps by SheepyDev in the Google Play Store or XDA Labs (XDA Labs preferred).

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